Outside, the sounds of a city that lives and works,
inside, the peace and silence of the relaxation area

Before a business appointment, at the end of a busy day, or upon arrival from a long journey, for those who want to take a break and find wellness and tranquility to recharge their energy, we offer a cozy and modern relaxation area for our guests.

What we offer to our clients is a complete and immersive experience in a circuit designed to provide maximum relief to the five senses. It is a guided experience that each guest can personalize based on their own tastes and preferences, whether they choose to spend time in specific areas or vary the sequence.

Steam, a natural therapy

The “Calidarium” (from the Latin “caldarium” or “calidarium,” derived from “caldus” or “calidus” meaning “hot”) has been known since ancient times as the part of ancient Roman baths dedicated to hot water baths and steam baths. Thanks to its toning and relaxing properties, it remains one of the best natural therapies to combat stress and tension, achieved through the steam released inside the cabin. The combination of temperature (set around 45 degrees Celsius) and high humidity make it an excellent therapeutic and preventive tool suitable for all ages, especially beneficial for the respiratory system. As an interesting fact, a few kilometers from Piacenza, in Lugagnano Val d’Arda, the archaeological site of Veleia Romana is worth a visit. It is one of the main archaeological parks in Emilia Romagna and one of the most important Roman sites in Northern Italy. Among the visible remains of the city, founded in 158 BC after the final submission of the Ligurians to Rome, visitors can explore a thermal complex where the “calidarium” and “tepidarium” are still clearly visible, while the niche of the rectangular “frigidarium” (the three baths with different water temperatures found in Roman thermal complexes) is preserved.

One shower, a thousand sensations

The tropical shower, pleasantly warm and scented with tropical essences, is designed to facilitate vasodilation and provide a relaxing and multisensory experience. The aromas used stimulate concentration and combat depression, while the colors bring joy and vitality.

The beneficial “mist”

After the warm shower, a refreshing mist of aromatic cold water is sprayed. The effect on the body is a pleasant vasoconstriction with a hint of mint aroma, enhancing the refreshing sensation, accompanied by colored lights that promote mental relaxation.

Floating on water

The waterbed stimulates the mind, relaxes the soul, and rejuvenates the body, providing a comfortable and ancestral sensation of being massaged by water.

Finally, a herbal tea

The spacious relaxation area and tea room, with its minimalist design and attention to every detail (following the tradition of the Grande Albergo Roma), represents a space to pause, allowing the sensations experienced to settle in the body and soul, and to relax. There’s nothing better than lying back, closing your eyes, listening to the gentle sounds of lounge music, sipping herbal tea, and replenishing the energy needed to continue after such a beneficial break.

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