Piacenza and its province are a territory where art and culture merge with the wine&food tradition.

Piacenza is an ancient Roman colony that housed pilgrims and has been the scene of medieval battles, Renaissance splendor and sophisticated collectors and patrons.


The town welcomes tourists to make them part of its artistic beauties making them discover its countless churches, museums and palaces and in the surrounding hills stand refined castles and medieval villages. The area is also well known for its food and wine delicacies.

Anolini, Pissarei and faso, bomba di riso are some of the best known dishes of the local cuisine.

The most popular cheeses of the Piacenza tradition are: Grana

Padano PDO and Provolone Valpadana PDO.

The region of Emilia is the ‘kingdom’ of the pork and in Piacenza there are 3 famous cold cuts PDO: Coppa, Pancetta and Salame.

Among the wines there are 17  DOC (guarantee of origin) wines from the Piacenza Hills the most famous one are: Gutturnio, Barbera, Croatina and Ortrugo.