Just a step away from the heart

The square is the heart of a city, especially in Emilia, where social life revolves around a few symbolic places within walking distance: the town hall, the cathedral, the main street. And that’s where we are. The Grand Hotel Roma is located at Via Cittadella 14, in the historic center of Piacenza. We take pride in emphasizing this, but we also know that offering such a privilege requires some attention from our guests. The urban center of Piacenza is a limited traffic zone (ZTL), but guests of our establishment are allowed access provided they follow a few simple instructions.

The first thing we ask is to set your satellite navigator to “Largo Matteotti” as the destination, rather than “Via Cittadella.” If you are coming from the highways or Via Emilia, you will need to travel via Risorgimento and then Via Cavour. When you reach the traffic light, continue straight ahead, even if you see signs indicating the entrance to the ZTL. After about a hundred meters, turn right onto Largo Matteotti, where you will find the Grand Hotel Roma.

If you are traveling via Via Roma, when you reach the traffic light, turn left (you will also see signs indicating the start of the ZTL) and after about a hundred meters, turn right onto Largo Matteotti. At this point, you will have arrived at the Grand Hotel Roma.

Once you have reached your destination, please remember to provide your car’s license plate number to the reception (note: you can only do this on the day of your arrival, not before), and we will forward it to the relevant authorities.

If you are in trouble on the way, you can call us, telling us your location, and we will help you get to us.


Via Cittadella, 14
29121 Piacenza (PC)

+39 0523 323201